COVID-19: A Behavior-Based Safety checklist for the protection of workers’ health

The COVID-19 epidemic could be controlled through correct and shared behaviors. Due to this simple assumption the project committee of an ALI customer (You can refer to the Italian version: ) had the idea of extending the process of BBS (behavior-based safety) to the safety behaviors required to protect themselves and other workers from the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

The BBS project committee of this company, together with employee representatives has drawn-up a checklist of 10 basic behaviors to protect the company’s workers.

The check-list is mainly based on the Italian standards but there are references to CDC, NIOSH and FCA standards.

The checklist is used, both by observers during routine BBS observations, and by supervisors to provide support to their activities of staff’s surveillance and motivation of the with respect to safety behaviours to the COVID-19 issue.

The reaction of the observed workers, in these early stages, was very positive because they:

  • had further evidence of the company’s attention to the COVID-19 issue;
  • had an immediate perception of the level of safety of each behavior and if there are areas to improve.

The company can also take immediate actions (e.g. motivational, job repositioning) for those sub-optimal behaviors or areas.

Behaviors related to COVID-19 protection are obviously based on an attitude that must be supported by a strong motivation and, in some cases, must be facilitated by a reorganization of the business activities.

The check-list was implemented in a company-owned software to calculate the  safety percentages  and carry out specific analyses.

We will also soon make available an Excel data-base for the calculation of the safety percentage and analyze the results

Thanks to the company courtesy, we can publish the checklist and you can download it with this link.

Warning: the checklist is editable and must be adapted to your on the basis of a risks assessment to the specific situation and the necessary safety measures

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